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Roberto Carnero

Chef De Cuisine

Born in Bellavista, Callao Peru and raised in Belleville NJ, Chef Roberto was determined to attend culinary school at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. 

While growing up in Belleville, he enjoyed his time playing organized sports for the township, where Chef Roberto attributes these learned leadership skills, to command a successful kitchen. 

Raised by his mother, Nancy Pinero and late father Joe Pinero, Chef Roberto credits both parents, with influencing him with different aspects of his love for food. Shared memories of fishing and camping with his father and the times cooking for family with his mother in their home kitchen. 

Chef Roberto started his career working in NYC for the likes of Bobby Flay at Bar Americana and Mario Batali At Babbos. He returned home and worked for the Harvest Restaurant Group at Roots Steak House in Summit, New Jersey, where he quickly climbed the ranks to Sous Chef by the age of 23. After Roots Steak House, he joined the team at Costanera, led by Juan Placencia. He stumbled upon Costanera while walking with his mother in downtown Montclair. He continued his career working at Battello in the Newport section of Jersey City, as a Sous Chef, before taking the Chef position At the Kitchen Step, for the Anchor Hospitality Group.

While working for great kitchens, he felt like something was escaping him. After 31 years of living in the United States, he decided it was finally time to return to Peru to see where he was from and get back in touch with his culture and its food. 

Since his initial flight back, he has returned three times, falling in love with the culture more and more each time. In Peru, he has visited the birth place of his mother, in Iquitos and such places as Maccha Picchu and Arequipa. He has also been fortunate enough to see Peru like most people cannot. He has dined at Peru’s most acclaimed restaurants such as Central and Maido, while also spending time with his family in Peru, visiting local markets, small establishments and villages. Visiting both well acclaimed restaurants, to more humble and intimate kitchens, inspired Chef Roberto to cook the cuisine that first ignited his passion for food.